Private Dancer (PC)

Private Dancer is set on the hedonistic pleasure island of Los Amantes – a futuristic Las Vegas, all neon lights, beautiful women and offers of fulfilment for every decadent dream a man can think up. The year is 2959 and rich bored executives come to the island to spend their hard-earned Dollars and indulge in their twin vices of sex and gambling. These futuristic playboys want personal attention for their money and in the island’s main casino – the Pleasure Dome – they can get it.

In the Pleasure Dome customers can see the House’s fantasy strippers perform. These girls are incredibly beautiful, but their services don’t come cheap. As well as being showgirls, the women are expert gamblers, and will only remove parts of their costumes if they know they’ve met their match around the card table. Gamble against them and win and they’ll reveal more of their perfectly honed bodies, lose and you will be back to square one, just another deadbeat amongst the island’s also rans.

The more times you win the more girls you’ll have access to and the more fantastic their environments and dances get. If you beat the girls enough times and you get her to strip completely for you she becomes yours to have as and when you pleases – she becomes one of his Private Dancers.


  • 5 Gambling Card Games – These include, Red-Dog, Let it Ride, BlackJack, Catch A Wave and Double Down Stud.
  • 21 Dancers in the game. Your objective is to gamble against these girls; each has been allotted one of the above games to her name.
  • You only have access at the beginning to 5 girls, as you progress the other girls become available (IE: they are opened to you to play against) to you to ultimately play for/with.
  • The ultimate objective of the game is to earn enough money, and win all 21 of the girls, so that they can Private Dance for you whenever you wish.
  • Insurance feature allows you to keep her in the undressed state that you have seen her perform to. IE: Once you have paid the insurance she remains undressed and clothes can only come off as you progress.
  • As you progress through each section of 5 dancers (IE: the girls become available as another group of 5 once you have won the first 5) then the interaction increases. Dances become sexier, increased speech interaction at the card table, access to two sets of cameras that can take you closer into the dance etc…
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