PowerA Anti-Glare Screen Protector Family Pack (Switch)

Play anywhere with the officially licensed Anti-Glare Screen Protector Family Pack for Nintendo Switch - OLED Model, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Kit includes one screen protector per model. PowerA screen protectors minimize reflective glare when playing in bright environments--indoors or out, as well as protect your display from scratches, fingerprints and everyday wear and tear.

Kit also includes an applicator to achieve flawless coverage and a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your screen free of dust and lint.
Protect all the Nintendo Switch screens in your life. The PowerA Anti-Glare Family Pack for Nintendo Switch provides glare-free displays and protection against scratches and fingerprints. Pack includes three screen protectors, one for every member of the Nintendo Switch family--and yours!

  • Minimizes glare indoors or outside
  • Protect screens from scratches and fingerprints
  • Family Pack includes 3 screen protectors, 1 per Nintendo Switch Console
  • Includes 1 anti-dust microfiber cloth & applicator for flawless coverage
  • Officially licensed for Nintendo Switch
  • SKU: 814672-product
    Release Date: 04/02/2022