Power Rangers Dino Fury Spiral Strike Red Ranger (Merchandise)

IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From Dino Fury back to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles and roleplay toys from Hasbro, celebrating ranger teams from Mighty Morphin to the Dino Fury. Imagine all the action of Power Rangers with toys from Hasbro! (Power Rangers products each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

  • 30-CM DINO FURY ELECTRONIC ACTION FIGURE: imagine the Red Ranger powering up and unlocking new abilities with the Spiral Strike Red Ranger electronic action figure!

  • SPIRAL STRIKE AND LIGHT FX: squeeze the Power Rangers Dino Fury Red Ranger figure’s legs to activate the Spiral Strike attack and light FX in the figure’s chest!

  • ENTERTAINMENT-INSPIRED FIGURE: the Spiral Strike Ranger figure features armour detailing and deco inspired by the Power Rangers Dino Fury!

  • MORPHINOMENAL ACCESSORIES: the Spiral Strike Red Ranger figure comes with Chromafury Saber and Dino Knight Morpher accessories. Both accessories attach to either of the figure’s hands!

  • 30-CM-SCALE ELECTRONIC ACTION FIGURE: this electronic action figure allows children to imagine big Dino Fury imaginary action and adventure.

  • SKU: 826715-product
    Release Date: 03/03/2023