Ports of Call Deluxe (PC)

More than 90 ports, such as New York, were used for Ports Of Call Deluxe 2008 and implemented in three dimensions now allow accurate maneuvering in and out of ports.

Many highly detailed 3-D container ships offer plenty of variety in this complex maritime economy simulation. All elements of the successful classic version were included in the Deluxe version integrated. How do I start as the owner of a small freighter, and must in the harsh marine transportation business and proven step by step, a large shipping company with a lot of ships to build.

Take a seat in your office and coordinate your cargo orders all around the globe. You always keep your accounts, the condition of your vessels, and unforeseen events in the eye. Icebergs, reefs, shallows, pirates and many more make life tough in this industry again and again by a new difficulty. If desired, you can always retrieve your business statistics to make your business success with skill and intelligent action to ensure.

Nowhere else can you find this exciting blend of business strategy game and 3D simulation of ship, such as Ports Of Call 2008 Deluxe. Strategic thinking and taxes of ships offer an entertaining diversion for many hours. If desired, you can also automatically ships in and out ports to manage.

A practice section where you can even the Queen Mary 2, or a hovercraft can travel round the reference in the field of maritime strategy from simulation.

Port of Call 2008 Deluxe on PC:

  • Many faithful, highly detailed container vessels
  • The classic first time entirely in 3D
  • Exercise section with Queen Mary 2 and Hovercraft
  • Mix of strategy and simulation
  • Support for gamepads / joysticks
SKU: 213218-product
Release Date: 29/05/2009