Lenco PDR-026 is a DAB+ FM radio that lets you enjoy the radio in digital sound quality. 

Not only can you listen to all known FM stations, the DAB+ stations are also within reach and without noise disturbance. 

Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and experience the endless options of the Lenco PDR-026.

From now on, the Lenco PDR-026 DAB+ radio will accompany you wherever you go. 

Going to the park with your friends? Take Lenco with you to chill-out and relax. 

Choose and store your favourite channel easily in both DAB+ and FM. At the push of a button, your favourite music immediately fills the room with a sound that is crystal clear. 

Enjoy the outdoors or just stay at home with your headphones on.

The colour screen of 6 cm makes everything clear and gives the radio a luxurious look and therefore a real must have for anyone who likes to enjoy radio with an excellent sound quality. 

The Lenco PDR-026 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.
Key Features:
  • The radio's 6 cm colour screen provides clear visibility and gives the device a luxurious look, making it a real must-have for anyone who appreciates radio with excellent sound quality.
  • Moreover, the Lenco PDR-026 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite radio programs on the go without worrying about power sources.
  • SKU: 834163-product
    Release Date: 17/07/2023