Polly Pocket Something Sweet Cupcake Playset (Merchandise)

This Polly Pocket Something Sweet Cupcake Compact features an adorable cupcake on the outside with a wristlet strap and fidget pop-it cheeks! Open to reveal two micro dolls, five moving features and 13 accessories, some that Pop and Swap.

Bake yummy treats, spin on the dancefloor or have a tea party with friends - kids can collect all the pocket world compacts and expand the fun! Ideal for ages 4 years old and up.

Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary.
This Polly Pocket Something Sweet Cupcake playset features an adorable cupcake face exterior with fidget pop-it cheeks for endless fun!

The portable toy opens to reveal a themed playset with Polly and Jake Tam micro dolls, 5 moving features and 13 accessories that include a bunny, 2 cupcakes, a tea cart that really rolls and more!

Open up the bakery door and bake treats in the oven or play on the swing and dance on the spinning floor - there's something sweet for everyone!

Some of the accessories are Pop and Swap pieces for endless play possibilities!

A wristlet strap lets kids easily take the sets on the go for adventures anywhere!

With so many ways to play, the Polly Pocket Something Sweet Cupcake compact makes a great gift for kids 4 years and older, especially food lovers!
SKU: 828044-product
Release Date: 16/02/2023