Police Simulator 2 (PC)

Police Simulator 2, a police simulation and strategy game with isometric graphics, puts you in charge of maintaining the public safety of a city. Protect the citizens from all forms of crime. Officers in your staff, as well as statistics will assist you in fulfilling this task. Public support will depend on how you do of your job.

The Management

  • Police Simulator 2 places new means, equipment and tactics at your disposal in order to apprehend offenders and criminals more efficiently. These include:
  • Deploying speed radars along the roads to catch speeders
  • Installing surveillance cameras to increase the effectiveness of police work and crime prevention
  • Sending out undercover officers to infiltrate drug distributing and smuggling organizations
  • Improving the efficiency of the CSI lab

Naturally, you still have the opportunity to:

  • Modernize and expand the vehicle fleet
  • Train new officers
  • Set up patrol routes and checkpoints
  • Rely on the different strategic maps, as well as the criminal statistics

The City

If you do your job well, more and more areas of the city will be under your jurisdiction. Crime rate will increase in time, so you will have to face newer and newer challenges, such as armed robberies, burglary, motor vehicle theft, homicide, smuggling, drug-related crimes and terrorism.

The Office

Keep an eye on the skill level of police officers, so that they could counter heavy criminals. Maintain the order with the help of patrolmen, squad cars and helicopters. Form special task forces and manage patrol duties. Keep the police department out of financial troubles by regularly checking the balance. Do not let your department go bankrupt.

The Challenge

Police 2 includes a campaign and quick missions, as well as several achievements that can be unlocked.

This time it is up to you again to prove that you can make an iron-handed chief of police instead of a miserable toy of the mob.

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Release Date: 23/03/2012