Polaroid P2 Music Player - Gray (Audio)

If you can, close your eyes and imagine two bananas. Well done. You’ve just imagined the size of the Polaroid P2 Player. It’s twice as powerful as the Polaroid P1 and just as take-anywhere-able.

It’s also a wearable speaker - on your wrist, over your shoulder, as a necklace, or on your head – there are no wrong choices here.

The Polaroid P2 speaker is the first player in the line-up to work with all the features of the Polaroid Music App - letting you play your favorite playlists with just a spin of the analog dial.

It’s powerful for its size, easily portable, colorful, and iconic in design.
Close your eyes and visualise two bananas if you can. Good work.

You are now picturing the Polaroid P2 Player's size. It is equally portable and twice as powerful as the Polaroid P1.

It is also a wearable speaker; you may wear it on your head, over your shoulder, as a necklace, or on your wrist.

With only a turn of the analogue dial, you can play your favourite playlists on the Polaroid P2 speaker, which is the first in the lineup to support all the capabilities of the Polaroid Music App.

It is portable, colourful, powerful for its size, and has an iconic design.
SKU: 832590-product
Release Date: 26/05/2023