Polaroid Now Gen 2 - Black & White (Multi Format and Universal)

Welcome to the beautifully imperfect world of Polaroid photography with the Polaroid Now Generation 2 camera. The classic, iconic analog instant camera comes with autofocus, a self-timer, and double exposure.

All in a classic design, and now made with 40% recycled materials. Compatible with Polaroid i-Type & 600 film in the original Polaroid instant film format.

Please note: Film not included.
Polaroid Now Generation 2 cameras welcome you to the charmingly imperfect world of Polaroid photography.

The self-timer, double exposure, and focusing features are included with the traditional, famous analogue instant camera.

40% recyclable materials are now used to create this timeless design.

Compatible with the original Polaroid instant film formats of i-Type and 600.
SKU: 832562-product
Release Date: 26/05/2023