Polaroid Music Player 4 - Black & White (Audio)

The Polaroid P4 speaker is the largest and loudest of the Polaroid speakers, more than capable of filling even the largest rooms with incredible sound. It’s about the size of a small watermelon, if a watermelon was more lightweight and able to play your favorite music.

It looks great both sideways and upright, thanks to the partner speaker stand accessory (available separately). And of course, it features the full functionality of the Polaroid Music App, allowing you to set up your favorite music channels and scroll between them easily with the analog dial.
The biggest and loudest Polaroid speaker, the P4, is more than capable of amplifying sound to fill even the largest rooms.

It resembles a little watermelon in terms of size and weight—if a watermelon could also play your favourite music.

Thanks to the companion speaker stand device (sold separately), it looks beautiful both upright and sideways.

The Polaroid Music App is also fully functional, letting you to set up your preferred music channels and navigate between them with ease using the analogue dial.
SKU: 832600-product
Release Date: 26/05/2023