Pokémon TCG: Corviknight V Battle Deck (Solid) (Merchandise)

Pin Them Down!

Corviknight V is the star of the deck and its two attacks offer a powerful one-two punch. Clutch is a cheap attack that doesn’t do much damage but it doesn’t have to – its real power is keeping the Defending Pokémon pinned down and unable to retreat while you build up enough Energy to unleash a Sky Hurricane for 190 damage!
  • Flipping Out: A few of your Pokémon have attacks that vary in damage depending on how many heads you flip. These are fun attacks than can do great things if you are lucky… or disappoint you if you aren’t. Remember to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!
  • Learn to Cook: One of the best ways to surprise your opponent if to heal a Pokémon that they were expecting to Knock Out on the next turn. Cook heals 70 damage, which can completely derail your opponent’s entire turn. There’s also a Potion for a bit of extra surprise.
  • Support from Shauna: Anytime you look at your hand and wish there was something different in it, Shauna can help. For best effect try to play as many cards from your hand as possible before playing Shauna – any cards you’re holding will get shuffled unto your deck, but then you get to draw 5!

    Use all these strategies to help make sure your Pokémon come out on top!
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    Release Date: 24/06/2022