PlayStation VR2 + Tennis On Court PSVR2 + Townsmen VR

Free Game Included
What's included in this bundle?
  • PlayStation VR2
  • Tennis On Court PSVR2
  • Townsmen VR
  • PlayStation VR2 + Tennis On Court + Free Townsmen

    What's included in this bundle?
  • PlayStation VR2
  • Tennis On Court
  • Free Townsmen

  • PlayStation VR2
    Escape into worlds that feel, look and sound truly real as VR gaming takes a huge generational leap forward.

    Discover heightened sensory and emotional experiences through revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense technology with intuitive controls and 4K HDR visuals4 in the next generation of genre-defining games.

  • Cutting-edge performance.
  • 4K HDR visuals.
  • 110º field of view.
  • Advanced graphical rendering.
  • Single cable setup.
  • New generation of genre-defining VR games.

  • PlayStation 5 console required to play PlayStation VR2.
    PlayStation VR2 is not compatible with the PlayStation 4 console and cannot play content that requires PS VR.
    PlayStation VR2 is not for use by children under age 12.

    Townsmen VR uses the exciting possibilities of virtual reality to further enhance the classic city building game with entirely new gameplay experiences and interactive mechanics.

    Lean back, relax and watch the bustling life of your villagers or actively get involved to speed up processes and move workers and resources directly where they are needed. You are able to seamlessly change between the all-encompassing view of a god and the detailed view of a citizen, able to follow the colorful life of your village.

    There is a lot to discover! But watch out for the Black Knight’s plundering hordes!

    Tennis On Court
    Tennis On-Court is the ultimate tennis simulator to discover! Lift, slice, dropshot, retro, perform all those effects and feel like a real tennis player thanks to VR.
  • Gameplay: Arcade or Realistic, choose your side!
  • Fully customizable 3D male & female avatars
  • Spectator mode to watch your friends or future opponents
  • Playing in a crowded-out stadium is perfect for immersion!
  • Play with your friend in singles (1vs1) or doubles (2vs2) online match
  • Prove you are the best in the online championship!
  • SKU: PS5-VR-0000024-KIT