PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Ear Buds (PlayStation 5)

Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound at home and on the go with the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds.

Discover a new era of gaming audio, as studio-inspired planar magnetic drivers reproduce soundscapes with ultra-low distortion, to deliver rich details and enable you to hear exactly what the game developers intended. Feel the action with clear deep bass, and elevate your perception with more precise positioning of audio cues in 3D-Audio-supported PS5 games.

Never miss a beat, as new ultra-low latency and lossless PlayStation Link wireless technology delivers sound at lightning-fast speed, without losing a single audible detail in the process. Easily connect and switch between PlayStation Link compatible devices, including your PS5 console, PC or Mac and PlayStation Portal remote player.

Connect your earbuds to a mobile device via Bluetooth while still connected to a PlayStation Link device, to take calls and enjoy music as you play uninterrupted.

Ensure friends hear your voice loud and clear through two hidden microphones equipped with AI-enhanced noise rejection technology, while easy-access volume and mic controls let you keep your eyes on the game.

Take the PULSE Explore wireless earbuds on your adventures thanks to a light, portable form factor that offers up to 5 hours of play on a single charge. Plus, get back into the action even when you’re away from home with the included charging case that offers up to 10 hours of additional battery life.
Next generation gaming audio
Enjoy extraordinary lifelike sound in your favourite games.

Planar magnetic drivers
Studio-inspired drivers reproduce soundscapes with ultra-low distortion, to deliver rich details and deep clear bass, so you can hear exactly what the game developers intended.

PlayStation Link technology
Enjoy a lossless, lightning-fast ultra-low latency wireless connection to your PS5 console, PC, Mac and PlayStation Portal remote player.

AI-enhanced noise rejection
Be heard loud and clear with microphone noise-rejection technology, powered by artificial intelligence.

Multi-device connectivity
Go where adventure takes you, with the ability to wirelessly connect to a range of devices.

Go mobile, by directly connecting your earbuds to a phone or tablet.

Dual-device connectivity
Listen to audio from a PlayStation Link and Bluetooth device simultaneously, to stay in play as you answer calls or enjoy music from a mobile device.

Command and control
Lead your squad to victory with crystal-clear voice capture and easy-access controls.

Integrated microphones
Take calls and chat with teammates through two hidden mics. Keep your head in the game with simple and easy-to-access controls, right at your fingertips, including dedicated buttons for quick volume adjustment and mic mute.

Built for adventure
Enjoy lifelike sound wherever you go, with a portable design and charging case.

Portable design
Go where play takes you, with a lightweight, comfortable, true wireless earbud form factor that offers the same innovative features of the PULSE Elite wireless headset. From lifelike sound and lighting-fast connectivity to AI-enhanced microphone noise rejection, reimagine how great your games can sound on the go or at home.

Built-in battery and charging case
Stay in play with up to 5 hours of battery life and up to an additional 10 hours via the included charging case.

Multiple earbud tips
Choose between three extra pairs of included earbud tips to find the best fit for you.

PlayStation Portal remote player ready
Directly connect to remote player with PlayStation Link technology, to enjoy lifelike, lightning-fast audio wherever you have Wi-Fi in your house.
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