PlayStation 5 Access Controller (PlayStation 5)

Create new ways to play with this highly customizable controller kit, designed to help players with disabilities play games more comfortably, for longer. Built for easy access, the controller can be operated from any 360° orientation, used on flat surfaces without needing to be held and can also be attached to an AMPS* pattern mount.

Adaptable play styles

Swappable button and stick caps
Configure the Access controller's button layout to suit your range of mobility and switch between the included stick caps to find the shape and texture that works best for you.

Adjustable stick length
Lengthen or shorten the control stick’s extension arm, then lock it down at your ideal length for comfort and convenience.

Built for easy access
Place the controller wherever play is most comfortable for you: from any 360° orientation, on different flat surfaces, a wheelchair tray, or attached to an AMPS pattern mount*.

Expandable inputs

Join forces with other controllers
Use up to two Access controllers together or combine one or two Access controllers with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller to add features like haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, motion sensor, and touch pad swipe to your setup.

Add extra control devices
Connect additional buttons, specialty trigger switches and other compatible accessories via the Access controller's four industry standard 3.5mm expansion ports, and configure their inputs via your PS5 console settings.

Custom profiles
Configure up to 30 individual control profiles from your PS5 console settings, store three profiles on the Access controller and quickly switch between them with a dedicated button, enabling you to use the most suitable control layout and button functions for what’s happening in-game.

Configurable buttons
Map button inputs so the commands you need are exactly where you want them, set button presses to toggle commands on/off or to serve as a single-press input, or disable buttons altogether to stop accidental pressing. You can even map two commands to a single button for more user-friendly play.

Adjustable stick settings
Calibrate the “north” direction for flexible positioning of the controller. Tailor stick sensitivity and deadzone to better suit your personal control needs.

*AMPS is an industry-standard mounting screw pattern for attaching devices to equipment, including accessibility.
Customize your layout with swappable stick and button caps
  • Take your pick from the wide range of button caps included in the box; all in different shapes and designs, such as flat, curve, and overhang button caps. You can even swap in different stick caps to find the layout that suits you best.
  • Clearly label which functions you map to each button using the swappable tags included in the box.

  • Built for easy access, from any 360° position, on different flat surfaces
  • The Access controller’s flexible, adaptable design can fit in tabletop wheelchair trays, attach to an AMPS* pattern mount or tripod, and can be oriented 360° for the most comfortable use for you.

  • Map Access controller buttons according to your preference
  • Map up to two functions onto a single button, or deactivate buttons altogether to avoid accidental pressing.
  • You can even use “toggle on/off” mode, which saves you from having to hold down the same button for extended periods.
  • Or, assign buttons to different positions so the commands you need are exactly where you want them – everything is easily managed and customizable from the dedicated PS5 console user interface.

  • Swap between custom profiles at the push of a button
  • Players can create and save up to 30 custom profiles on their PS5 console, so choosing the right settings for each game is quick and easy.
  • Quickly switch between three custom profiles stored in your controller with the dedicated profile button.
  • Display an on-screen preview of button mapping by long pressing the profile button.

  • Combine multiple controller functionality
  • Use your Access controller on its own, or combined with a second Access controller. Need extra control? Add a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller to your setup, and use multiple controllers together to fit your particular gameplay needs, or enabling collaborative play with others.
  • Combine your Access controller with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller for added features, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, speaker, audio jack, motion sensor, and touch pad swipe.

  • Connect external buttons, specialty trigger switches, and more
  • Visit “Settings” on your PS5 console to configure each external device – including third-party trigger switches and analog joysticks, extra external buttons and so on. Then map it to the function of your preference, or set stick sensitivity and deadzone.
  • Quickly connect third-party accessibility accessories using the four industry standard 3.5 mm expansion ports.

  • Designed and built with accessibility experts and gamers with disabilities
  • The mission behind this controller kit is to remove barriers to play; we’re doing our best to help as many players with disabilities as possible enjoy games more easily, in greater comfort, for longer play sessions.
  • The Access controller benefits from years of accessibility research and insight, as we strive to meet the diverse needs of gamers with disabilities; it has been holistically designed to address key shared challenges for many users.
  • The aim is to offer more ways to play, for more people: from those with difficulties when interacting with a thumb stick or holding a controller, to players who struggle to press and hold small, clustered buttons and triggers.

  • SKU: 834297-product
    Release Date: 06/12/2023