Piggy Series 1 Buildable Construction Set (Merchandise)

PIGGY is the hit, multiplayer, survival-horror game, created by MiniToon. Team up with your friends to escape Piggy. Or, play as Piggy, yourself, to hunt your friends and prevent their escape!

Build, play, and display the fun-to-build, buildable set. Features a detailed, posable figure of Piggy, unique to this set, as well as a buildable scene that serves as the perfect play setting for all of your PIGGY figures!

PLEASE NOTE: This product is part of an assortment and will be picked at random when shipped. One transaction equates to one random Piggy Series 1 Buildable Construction Set.
PIGGY has over 6 BILLION game visits, and over 2 BILLION views of fan-made videos on YouTube.
SKU: 819938-product
Release Date: 24/06/2022