Pictionary Air - Star Wars (Puzzles and Board Games)

Sketch your adventures inspired by a galaxy far, far away...in this Pictionary Air - Star Wars edition!

Gather the forces for a twist on the classic family drawing game that has you drawing clues in space and seeing it on screen, with a little help from R2-D2, BB-8 and their friends.

Players can also cast their drawings from their smart device to their TV. This family game brings big fun to any game night or party!

Compatible iOS or Android smart device and app are required to play (data rates may apply). Colours and decorations may vary.
Choose a droid companion for each team, then show off those Jedi drawing skills with Pictionary Air - Star Wars, a galactic twist on the classic drawing game!

Two levels of clue cards feature content from all the Star Wars films, The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, perfect for superfans and casual fans alike!

Players take turns drawing clues in the air and interacting with the images, like charades, while their teammates guess!
SKU: 821582-product
Release Date: 26/08/2022