Peppa Pig Peppa's Cruise Ship (Childrens Toys)

Imaginative adventures await with Peppa's Cruise Ship! This 17-piece Peppa Pig toy boat set gives little kids so many ways to play, with 3 feature-filled levels, 13 accessory pieces, and 3 figures inspired by favorite Peppa Pig characters!

Kids can imagine meals in the jungle-themed dining room, then turn the seats to take in a show at the theater! Set up the ball pit and the slide in the play space, then take the kid-powered elevator up to the sleeping quarters and fold out the bunk beds!

Set up the pool on the roof deck or grab a snack in the cafeteria! Take the little dinghy boat out for a ride! When playtime is over, the ship folds up to store all the pieces inside.

These Peppa Pig toys make great gifts for 3 year old boys and girls and up and are sure to spark little piggies' big imaginations.
A cruise holiday with Peppa!
This feature-packed, 3-level cruise ship playset is full of imagination possibilities!

Dinner and a Show
Figures can sit at the table, then turn the chairs to watch a pretend show!

Take a Snooze
Fold out the bunk beds when it's time for Peppa to go to bed!

Up we go!
Doesn't everyone just love an elevator? This one really moves when kids push it between the first and second floor.

And then what happened?
13 storytelling accessories let kids' set up their cruise ship world exactly the way they want.

So many ways to play!
Put the ball pit on the roof! Set up a lounge chair on the deck! Put the slide by the pool for pretend water slide fun!

Dinghy that fits a figure
Imagine day trips with the dinghy boat! What shores will Peppa explore next?

Easier clean-up? Yes please!
No more worrying about lost pieces: The ship folds up so the figures and accessories can be stored inside!

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