Peppa Pig Daddy Pig Peppa & George Bath Squirters (Pre School Toys)

End the day just like Peppa Pig with loud snorts and laughter!

It’s time to add bath time to their favourite list of things to do: Daddy Pig and his two little ones, Peppa Pig and George have joined together to make up this colourful and fun squirter playset. Each little figure is perfect for little hands to handle. They sit upright on the side of the bath and won’t mind one bit when you nudge them into the tub.

A gentle squeeze underwater is all they need to fill up with water, ready to squirt it out again through their mouths. Each Character is wearing their colourful bathing suits, with Peppa and her brother George safely kitted out with mini water wings. Ideal for a dip in the tub or outdoors in the paddling pool, the set helps little ones build confidence in and around water.As they develop their fine motor skills handling the toys, they’ll learn to understand cause and effect with the squirting action, and enjoy role play and storytelling.

The set is also available as a Peppa, George and Mummy Pig combination, part of a larger Toomies Peppa Pig bath toy collection.

Drain after use and leave to air dry.
Wipe clean with anti-bacterial solution/wipes.
No batteries required.
Suitable for children 18 months and over.

SKU: 839630-product
Release Date: 01/03/2024