Peace and Love - London Bus - Rainbow (Merchandise)

London Bus Rainbow The Peace and Love Collection. Classic model vehicles embracing the spirit of the 60's, and the modern inspiration taken from the rainbow!

Hippy: In the mid 1960’s a movement began in the U.S. to celebrate Peace & Love, countering the country’s involvement in the Vietnam War and pushing for more civil rights for everyone. The psychedelic floral designs became synonymous with the movement, with the hippies as they were then known, using Flower Power to get their message across.

Rainbow: The six colours seen in the rainbow designs of our modern communities have particular meanings: Red – life, Orange – healing, Yellow – sunlight, Green – nature, Indigo – serenity, Violet – spirit. All these represent goals and ways of life for these communities and the wish to share them with the wider population.

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Release Date: 30/09/2024