Parkour creator David Belle worked on Dying Light

Parkour creator David Belle worked on Dying Light


You'll do a lot of wall-running and roof-jumping in Techland's immininet zombie sandbox adventure Dying Light, and the developer went straight to the source to make sure your athletic traversal of the apocalypse felt just right.

David Belle, widely recognised as the creator of what we now call parkour, was a consultant on the game, testing the first-person movement systems for authenticity and giving the end result his seal of approval.

Belle found fame when videos of his gravity defying skills went viral. You may remember him from the BBC ident in which he bounded across London's rooftops in order to get home for his favourite shows, and he later branched out into movie acting, co-starring in both Luc Besson's Paris-based action hit District 13, and its US remake, Brick Mansions.

“David’s influence really helped us push the parkour system to a point where it felt authentic yet still intuitive and worked perfectly in-game,” says Adrian Ciszewski, the game's director. “We’ve had so many journalists and external playtesters say to us that this really is game-changer in terms of first person perspective freedom of movement.”

Dying Light is out digitally on 27 January for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The physical release has been slightly delayed due to production issues, but will follow shortly after.

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Release Date: 22/01/2015