Online pass scrapped for Hitman Absolution Contracts mode

Square Enix has dramatically dropped its planned "online pass" system for Hitman Absolution's online Contracts mode. The mode will now be available to all players, regardless of whether you buy the game new or used.

Contracts mode is a free form assassination sandbox that can be activated in any level at any time. While playing the single player campaign, you're able to select any non-player character as your target and take them out in whatever manner you see fit. You can then upload your hit to the Hitman community and challenge others to match your feat. The mode is a highlight of the game according to many reviews.

Proof that the decision was made at the last minute can be found in the case itself, where you'll still find the insert containing the code to unlock the online pass. You can enter this code as normal, but if you don't have a code you can simply head to the Store option on the menu and download the pass for free.

Many games have used similar systems in recent years, but Hitman Absolution may be the first of many to abandon the scheme. Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the year's biggest launch so far, has no additional charge for multiplayer.

Hitman Absolution is out this week for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Release Date: 19/11/2012