One million characters created with Saints Row Initiation Station

One million characters created with Saints Row Initiation Station

THQ has revealed that more than one million weird and wonderful characters have been created using the Saints Row Initiation Station, the downloadable preview application for the upcoming Saints Row: The Third.

The Initiation Station, which can be downloaded for free on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, allows users to design and share their own playable characters, which they can then use in the new Saints Row game when it launches this month.

So far, more than 1.2 million gamers have been taking advantage of this, creating bizarre and often disturbing characters with oddly-coloured skin and freakish appearances.

Kevin Kraff of THQ said: "With the crazed creativity we've seen in only one week, we can't wait to see what's to come. One million is just the beginning."

The wackiness of the Initiation Station will help set the right tone for Saints Row: The Third, an over-the-top and gleefully crass sandbox crime game from developer Volition.

GAME customers can get hold of the special Professor Genki Edition, which gives them access to an ostentatious human cannonball truck, an octopus-firing gun and a suitably weird-looking cat-headed skydiving suit.

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Release Date: 09/11/2011