Officers: World War II (PC)

It’s 1944, you are part of Operation Overlord and your mission is to liberate Northwestern Europe. To achieve your mission you will have to gain a foothold in Europe and smash the steely grip of 61 battle-hardened German Divisions on Holland, Belgium and France. To make your task more difficult 10 of these Divisions are armoured. To be successful you will have to break through Rommel’s Atlantic Wall and destroy the overwhelming German forces . . .

Officers provides World War II real-time strategy gamers with warfare on a previously unseen scale. Formidable battles are possible, with more than 1,500 units fighting simultaneously across up to 10 square miles of battlefield.

You command the US combat units; your aim is to smash the Germans’ western front. In multiplayer mode, you can also command Russian or German troops. Historical battles such as Operations Overlord, Millennium and Cobra will put your tactical abilities to the test, as you will have to skillfully combine infantry, tank, artillery and airborne troops.

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Release Date: 29/05/2009