Obsidian Hints At New Next-Gen Game

According to a report published on Eurogamer this morning, acclaimed development studio Obsidian isn't just wrapping up its South Park RPG and Project Eternity games – there's a separate team hard at work on a next-gen game, and it's already looking pretty good if the developers say so themselves.

"We can't really talk about what we are working on," said Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart, "but it is already looking great." See, we told you.

"As for the number of people at the studio, it's safe to say we are around 100. As for the split of people, we do have around 15 people working on Project Eternity, and that will go up by a few in the [coming] months."

"As for the other projects, it's a bit more complicated to explain exactly how many people we have on one project versus another."

Urquhart gave his response following press frenzy whipped up by a pair of job postings that included phrases such as "unique next-generation game" and "unannounced next-gen console title".

Despite the lack of specific detail, the same job listings also hinted at the game being set in an RPG environment with action elements. We'll take another Knights of the Old Republic if that's OK with Obsidian.

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Release Date: 03/05/2013