Nyko Wand Action Pack for Wii (Accessories)

The Wand Action Pak is perfect for shooting games. Action pak includes one Wand controller and one Pistol Grip attachment. The Pistol Grip attachment is the first gun peripheral for the Wii with digital button relocation. The Wand’s Trans-Port technology enables the Pistol Grip to activate the A and B commands digitally, as if depressing the buttons directly on the Wand itself. A small switch on the bottom of the Pistol Grip allows the A and B button functions to be easily flipped between the controller’s two buttons, the trigger and the hammer, depending on the game and convenience of button access. A port has also been included on the bottom of the Pistol Grip to allow for the connection of additional accessories, such as the Kama controller.


  • Fully compatibility with all Wii software
  • Trans-Port Technology can transfer key action buttons and Vibration
  • Accelerometer for full motion control game play
  • CMOS camera for pointer/cursor functionality

Pistol Grip

  • Utilizes Trans-Port Technology – access both the A and B button on the grip itself
  • Attaches directly to the Wand for secure connection
  • Accessory pass through port allows for use of other accessories
  • Completely digital solution for faster more accurate response time
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