Nyko Control Pack for Wii (Accessories)

No matter the game, no matter the controls set-up, be ready to conquer all the latest and retro titles with the Control Pak for Wii from Nyko. The Control Pak features wired versions of Nyko’s award winning Kama Controller and Wing Controller. With the Kama, you can immerse yourself in all games compatible with the Nuchuk style control scheme. The Wired Kama features full accelerometer support, and a unique ergonomic design to help reduce hand stress during intense game play sessions. The Control Pak also features a Wired Wing controller for software that requires classic style control. The Wired Wing features a custom ergonomic design that provides a better, more comfortable grip. Both products feature a 4 foot cable that conveniently attaches to the Wii Remote, no batteries or synching is required. The Control Pak is the perfect solution for all players to comfortable and easily play all their favorite Wii titles.

  • Both the Wired Kama and Wired Wing are powered by the Wii Remote.
  • Both products feature a unique ergonomic design for added grip and comfort.
  • A 4 foot long cord on each product allows just the right amount of freedom during motion based and intense game play.
  • No software or complex installation – simply plug into the Wii Remote and play
SKU: 217708-product