Numskull Xbox Series X Thumb & Treadz Pack (Xbox Series X)

  • 8X High quality and durable rubber thumb grips
  • 4X Trigger Treadz for improved grip
  • Made from high quality silicone
  • Reduces slippage and protects your controller from wear and tear
  • Provides greater precision during gaming sessions
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X/S controllers

  • Please note: Controller not included.
  • 8x Superior and long-lasting rubber thumb grips
  • Trigger Treadz 4X for better grip
  • Made from premium silicone
  • Reduces slippage and shields your controller from damage
  • Gives more accuracy during gaming sessions
  • Supports Xbox Series X/S controllers
  • SKU: 828915-product
    Release Date: 19/05/2023