No multiplayer Achievements or Trophies for Resident Evil 6

The list of Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies for Capcom's upcoming horror epic Resident Evil 6 has been revealed, and it's good news for those who like to max out their score solo. All of the game's Achievements and Trophies can be obtained without playing the online Mercenaries or Agent Hunt modes.

Instead, all fifty awards are handed out for progression through the games three story strands, as well as for mastering the various combat options. Collecting figurines, customising your dog tags and earning medals and custom titles also unlocks rewards. There are four awards based around completing the game on different difficulty settings.

Resident Evil 6 shakes up the long-running series with multiple overlapping globe-trotting storylines, as well as varying play styles. Traditional survival horror will rub shoulders with cover-based shooting and even hand-to-hand fighting. Completing the game will unlock the new Agent Hunt mode, which will allow online players to enter your game and take control of monsters to make life harder.

Resident Evil 6 sinks its teeth into our delicious brain meat from October, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Release Date: 08/08/2012