Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian & Zamazenta Edition (Switch)

Enjoy the charm of a Switch in a lightweight and compact form, the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

This new console is dedicated to handheld mode, so you can easily take your favourite games with you. It will be a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch but you can enjoy many of the same features in this console. 
This Lite edition lets you play online against other Nintendo Switch players and works for local wireless multiplayer. This console is perfect for the gamers on the go.

What games can I play on this new Nintendo Switch?
You can play any games that support handheld mode. From Super Smash Bros Ultimate to Super Mario Odyssey, the epic adventures can continue!

Nintendo have also announced a limited Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition console, available on the 8th November*. This console will have an intricate design of the new Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield as well as stylish cyan and magenta buttons.

*Pokémon Sword and Shield software not included.
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The Nintendo Switch Lite is being welcomed to the Nintendo family this September. The compact and lightweight design is perfect for the gamers on the go who want to take their exhilarating adventures with them.
The console also lets you play online or local wireless multiplayer with friends and family who own the Switch Lite or Nintendo Switch. There is a whole library of Nintendo Switch games that you can easily take with you and play against friends!
It is dedicated to handheld mode, therefore does not support output to a TV. Because of this, it does not have a kickstand, a dock or HDMI cable port.
Wondering what games you can play? You can play any games that support handheld mode, like Super Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and many more. You can buy extra Joy-Con controllers to connect to the Lite to make the most out of the games that aren’t compatible in handheld mode.

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Release Date: 08/11/2019