Nintendo Super Mario Buzzy Beetle Mega M (Plushies)

Get ready for super soft fun with this Super Mario Buzzy Beetle plush from Club Mocchi- Mocchi-!

Designed in Japan, Mocchi- Mocchi- are super soft and huggable pillow toys.

Unlike other ordinary plush toys, these high quality collectible plush pillows have a unique squishy texture and are super soft to touch.

This Super Mario plush series features fan-favorite characters and items from the beloved Nintendo games.

Whether looking for fun kids' room décor, treating your favorite gamer, or yourself; there's a Mocchi- Mocchi- sure to please everyone.
With this Super Mario Buzzy Beetle plush from Club Mocchi- Mocchi-, get ready for hours of ultra-soft fun!

Mocchi- Mocchi- are incredibly soft and cuddly pillow toys that were designed in Japan.

These premium collectible plush pillows are incredibly soft to the touch and have a distinctive squishy texture, setting them apart from other typical plush toys.

The Super Mario plush line includes iconic Nintendo game characters and objects that are cherished by fans.

You may treat your favourite gamer, yourself, or your kids with a Mocchi-Mocchi- that is guaranteed to make them happy.
SKU: 836435-product
Release Date: 27/09/2023