Nintendo - Metal Canteen Bottle (Merchandise)

As reliable as Luigi, this canteen is ideal for any Mario fan who needs a bottle while they are out exploring the world!

Need to stay hydrated? What better way to do it than with this officially licensed Nintendo Metal Canteen Bottle.

This bottle holds 700ml of your favourite drink and is made from stainless steel, making it durable and re-usable and is all green and features a super-cute Mario Mushroom.
Keep yourself as refreshed as you'd feel after picking up an extra life with this 1-up Mushroom Canteen Bottle. It has an easy to use sports cap and a screw-top to make refilling equally as effortless. Additionally, it is produced using stainless steel making it as strong as Bowser so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged and leaking water everywhere like a broken warp pipe.

  • Green bottle with 1-up mushroom design
  • 700ml capacity
  • Screw-top lid and sports-cap
  • Officially licensed Nintendo product
  • SKU: 820873-product
    Release Date: 15/07/2022