Nintendo LABO: Vehicle Kit (Switch)

Nintendo LABO is a fun and creative way of playing your Nintendo Switch. Everything you need is inside the box! You will receive cardboard pieces which you can use to build different Toy-Con’s which each have individual abilities. Follow the interactive instructions on your Switch and when built, you can slot your Joy-Con’s into your creations and you’re ready to play the game!

Did you know you can use the Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Use the Toy-Con Car and Pedal to race!

Each kit includes the contents to create:
  • Toy-Con Car
  • Toy-Con Plane
  • Toy-Con Submarine
  • And much more!

Explore an open world with your cardboard creations. Buy the Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit today.

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Please note: This game requires extra Joy-Con controllers if played on the Nintendo Switch Lite.
Want to explore an open-world on your Switch with nothing but your cardboard creations? Get your Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit today.

Nintendo LABO encourages you and your children to unleash their creativity as you create a range of vehicle Toy-Con’s which link up with your Switch to unlock fun mini-games and adventures. 

The Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit is designed to work uniquely with your Nintendo Switch and Toy-Con building projects. You can unlock even more ways to play as you play Slot Car using the Toy-Con Pedal; use the Toy-Con Spray can in Paint Studio to personalise your in-game vehicles and much more.

You will receive all the cardboard pieces you need to create a range of Toy-Con’s - no glue or extra materials needed! Feel inspired and playful as you create a Toy-Con car, Toy-Con Pedal, Toy-Con Plane, Toy-Con Key and a Toy-Con Submarine. 

The fun doesn’t stop once your creations are complete. Discover new and fun ways to play your Switch with your new Toy-Con creations. Design your unique creations to make them more personalised! 

A new mode includes Adventure Mode which lets you explore a fascinating world including pyramids, mountains and much more. You can easily swap between each vehicle, so you can explore the depths and heights of this incredible world. 

The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit includes a new feature – custom controls. You can now make your own controllers using household items. For example, you can ride a broom to steer the plane. The The possibilities of Nintendo LABO are limitless, and you can enjoy hours of entertaining, creative fun.

With the Toy-Con Car and Pedal, and after downloading an update after launch, players will be able to race against their friends in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch***.It’s also possible for players to play using the Toy-Con Motorbike from the Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit.

Buy the Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit today to inspire your creative side and play your Switch in new and unique ways.

This item is too large for international shipping.
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Release Date: 14/09/2018