Nintendo LABO: Robot Kit (Switch)

The Nintendo LABO: Variety Kit enables you to create your very own wearable robot kit with just sheets of cardboard. Follow the instructions on your Nintendo Switch and prepare to combine your brand-new Robot Toy-Con with epic games on your Switch.

It’s simple; build, play and discover new ways to enjoy your video games with your very own robot suit. This Nintendo LABO: Variety Kit enables you to become an in-game robot as you complete challenges, smash your way through the world and combat other enemies all whilst wearing your fun new Toy-Con Robot Outfit.

The Nintendo LABO offers fun for kids and adults alike, you can even do your own robot dance in this Kit. Buy today and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Please note: This game requires extra Joy-Con controllers if played on the Nintendo Switch Lite.
Discover a brand new and exciting way to play your Nintendo Switch. Become an in-game giant as you assemble the cardboard pieces together to build your very own wearable robot suit. The Nintendo LABO: Robot Kit lets you become a young inventor as you build the robot suit yourself with just sheets of cardboard.

But don’t fret, it’s not hard at all! The Nintendo LABO comes with games and instructions on how to build your Toy-Con which are easy-to-follow and enjoyable. 

There are three steps to making the most out of your Nintendo LABO Robot Kit and it’s simple. 

Make your robot creation out of the cardboard sheets and materials included in the kit by using the easy and interactive instructions on the Nintendo Switch.

Once your Robot Toy-Con is built, it’s time to play on your Nintendo Switch and enjoy the many new ways to play your device in innovative ways.

Now it’s time to discover how each Toy-Con works and what you can do with the Robot Kit. But with even more Toy-Con Variety Kits to purchase, you can combine each one to find even more interesting ways to play!

Included in the Nintendo LABO: Robot Kit is the Nintendo Switch game card that has the software for instructions and games for the Toy-Con and all the materials needed to create the Toy-Con. 

Think outside the box, let your creativity flow and purchase the Nintendo LABO: Toy-Con 2 Robot Kit today to unleash your creativity and find new ways to play your Nintendo Switch.

Please note: The Nintendo Switch is not included with this product.
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Release Date: 27/04/2018