Nintendo gears up for The Last Story launch

Nintendo is preparing fans for the imminent release of The Last Story, the new Wii role-playing title that makes its European debut later this month.

The publisher has launched a new website, trailers and developer interview series online to help build anticipation for the English-language release of the videogame epic.

Fans are being teased with videos of the game's stunning locations, innovative real-time combat system and six-player online battle mode, as well as new insights into the creation of a title that has already proven an acclaimed hit in its native Japan.

Created by famed designer Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man behind the iconic Final Fantasy series, The Last Story follows the adventures of a man named Zael who is striving to become a knight, leading him on a huge adventure.

It will be released in a special edition that includes an art booklet and a soundtrack CD, featuring compositions by veteran Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The Last Story's release will appeal to the same role-playing enthusiasts who helped to make Final Fantasy XIII-2 a chart-topping success this week.

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Release Date: 07/02/2012