Ninjini joins Skylanders Giants line-up

The final new character for Activision's runaway hit Skylanders Giants is out this week. Ninjini is a giant character, and belongs to the magic element.

According to Activision, she's "the most renowned magical ninja from ancient times" and her backstory has an Arabian Nights feel. "Jealous of her skills as a warrior, a dark sorceress trapped her within an enchanted bottle to be imprisoned for all of eternity," reads the official character biography. "But Ninjini was strong and over the years, her strength continued to grow until through sheer force of will, she broke free! From that moment on, Ninjini made it her mission to help those in need always carrying the enchanted bottle as a reminder of her own resilience."

Skylanders Giants was released last November and was a roaring success, earning almost $200m in America alone. The toys, which come to life in the game when placed on the "portal of power" outsell the likes of WWE and Star Wars, and Giants made more money than blockbuster kid flicks such as Wreck It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians.

The next entry in the series will be Skylanders SWAP Force, due later this year. It will feature toys that can be split in half and recombined to create hybrid characters.

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Release Date: 10/05/2013