Nike + Experience for Kinect

Nike + Experience for Kinect on Xbox 360 at GAME

Arriving in "Holidays 2012" Nike+ Experience for Kinect is not a game - it's a fitness instructor in your home. It's compatible with Nike+ and will have its own apps for PC and Windows phones to help you train.

Getting Ready To Run

When you begin you are asked to take an introductory test so Nike+ Experience can see how your body moves. An 18 year-old man will move very differently to a 40 year-old woman, so their fitness routines should be unique. You can tell it what your goal is, like wanting to be stronger, leaner or more toned, and how often you want to train. Once it can see the level you are currently at, the game will create a four week routine for you to follow using your specifications. The purpose of the routine is to move you up to the next level of fitness.

During your routine you earn Nike Fuel which is connected to your Nike + account. You can log in anytime and see how well you are doing. If you are wearing a Nike+ FuelBand it will be able to tell that you have completed a workout on Kinect and won't double count your points.

Pacing Yourself

Nike+ Experience workouts are designed to keep you moving. They get you out of breath but aren't designed to make you feel bad if you aren't very good at a particular activity. For cardio work, the more you move the more points you earn, so if you are rubbish at dodgeball but very enthusiastic, you can still earn a high score.

Nike + Experience for Kinect on Xbox 360 at GAME

The strength exercises use the Kinect sensor to its fullest. It can actually track your movement better than the human eye as the sensor monitors your form and scores you based on your positioning and speed. People often assume that in order to build muscle you need weights, and while you can further enhance your Nike+ experience with dumbbells for some activities you don't need to. Nike+ selects exercises that utilise your own body weight to strengthen your muscles.

Once you reach the end of your four week routine you take the test again so that Nike+ can re-evaluate you and create your next four weeks' worth of exercise. In this way you will never get bored of a routine, and your body won't get used to exercises and stop benefiting from your hard work.

If your Nike+ Experience routine just isn't enough you can give yourself an extra challenge. By selecting a challenge from the main menu you pick a workout and try to beat your top score. Anything from high knee lifts, to hurdles, to dodgeball is available but beware - these are tricky and you will find yourself fighting to beat yourself.

Bragging Rights

If you want to brag to your friends about a really good session you can post your score to Facebook from Nike+ Experience, and if you need an extra boost you can tell them when you start a work out. Anyone who likes your status while you are working out will send you an in-game 'cheer' to keep you going.

Nike + Experience for Kinect on Xbox 360 at GAME

If you don't like to work out alone you can invite a friend to join you on Xbox LIVE, who will appear via video chat and you can work out together. Of course, if you are more competitive than co-op, then you can also take on your friends instead! When you complete a challenge activity you can send them your score and challenge them to do better. Next time you log in you will be told if they were brave enough to try - and whether they beat you.

For the forgetful among us (or those avoiding their gym routine!), you can even sign up to mobile updates which will contact you to remind you when you miss a session.

A Routine For Everyone

It doesn't matter what fitness level you start at, as the workouts adapt to keep pushing you harder. To Nike, if you have a body you are an athlete, so it's all about pushing yourself to the next level, no matter how high or low you start. Once you are super fit you will be given more reps or more difficult routines to keep you in peak condition, and with over 100 unique exercises in box (and with ongoing bonus content hinted at), those who really want to push themselves will have so many options they won't know where to start.

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Release Date: 04/06/2012