New Ultra Street Fighter IV characters detailed

Next year sees the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and with it comes the return of four classic characters

Next year sees the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and with it comes the return of four classic characters. Producer Tomoaki Ayano has taken to the Capcom's Unity blog to explain a little more about how they'll play, with particular attention to their projectile attacks.

Rolento has a knife-throwing move called The Stinger. "The knife's trajectory changes depending on the strength of the button used," says Ayano, "and the mid-air release timing can also be slightly delayed, making it difficult for your opponent to read the knife's flight path. It's a pretty good move for full-screen battles; however, it's got quite a bit of recovery, so be mindful of your spacing when you use it."

Then there's Hugo, whose special is the slap-happy Giant Palm Breaker. "Use it to put pressure on your opponent and drive them into a corner. Let's abuse it plenty!" is Ayano's recommendation. "However, it's got a pretty grandiose start-up, which might make it a prime target for Focus attacks. The key will be to mix it up with his other moves."

Female fighter Poison is Ayano's personal favourite, with her Aeolus Edge projectile attack. "The strength of the button used changes the flight speed as well as the distance travelled," he says. "You can also delay the timing to use it as an anti-air. It's also a great tool for keeping people trapped in the corner. I think Poison is probably the easiest to pick up out of the four new characters."

Finally, there's Elena who attacks with her Rhino Horn move. "Elena's speciality is fighting on the ground with mid attacks, but the Rhino Horn is a nice tool for helping to close the distance," is Ayano's advice here. "The key will be to hit this right at max range. If you use it up close she's got quite a bit of recovery upon landing, so you'll need to be careful about when you use it."

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released as free DLC for owners of Super Street Fighter IV, but will also be available in a standalone packaged which includes all the Super Street Fighter IV bonus content. Look out for it in early 2014 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Release Date: 08/11/2013