New Resident Evil 6 game details break loose

Capcom has scared up a few new titbits of information pertaining to Resident Evil 6, the newest instalment in its iconic survival horror series.

Coinciding with the launch of a fresh trailer for the game, the developer revealed that the new story takes place in 2013, several years after Resident Evil 5, in the midst of a massive global zombie outbreak.

Dotted among the shambling hordes, players will encounter a new breed of enemy called the J'avo, powerful regenerating creatures that are capable of understanding speech and coordinating their attacks.

However, the game's protagonists will have a few new tricks of their own, as Resident Evil 6 will allow players to move and shoot at the same time, as well as execute rolls and hide behind cover.

Capcom will unleash its latest bloodcurdling adventure in November 2012 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC version to follow later.

Fans who pick up Capcom's forthcoming fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma will be able to gain early access to a demo of Resi 6 this summer.

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Release Date: 20/02/2012