New Release Round Up: 8th Jan 2010

Two amazing titles start the gaming calendar off with a big bang. This week's all about supersized action gigantic setpieces, huge and epic combat. It's a big week for games...

Big scores
Bayonetta bursts from the twisted brains behind Devil May Cry and Resident Evil: a superpowered witch in a skintight catsuit and guns in the heels of her shoes. Bayonetta is all about big, balletic, button-pummelling fast combat. And it looks unbelievably beautiful.

Bayonetta's big setpiece combats are designed to look great whether you're a gaming novice or action master with controls that easily let you get into the action but huge depth in the layered system of combo moves, upgrades and finishing moves.

Combat doesn't come bigger or better than in Bayonetta. And that's official the game was recently given a rare erfectscore of 40 from influential Japanese magazine Famitsu. Rave reviews don't come bigger than that.

Big battles
Game themes don't come bigger than that of Darksiders. As War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you're tricked into setting off the final battle between heaven and hell too early. In the ruins of Earth, you've now got to find those responsible for the ultimate trick.

Darksiders combines epic and button-hammering combat as War fights through damned and angelic legions, with dungeon-delving puzzle-solving and adventure as War tracks down those behind the devastation and brilliant gothic visuals from renowned comic artist Joe (X-Men) Madureira.

Think of Darksiders as a cross between God Of War III and The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. That means an action-adventure that's positively epic in scale.

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Release Date: 08/01/2010