New Release Round Up: 2nd July 2010

This week's new GAME releases see you keeping the peace or causing mayhem, searching for treasure, battling with mythological warriors, and competing for one of sport greatest prizes.

Cops and robbers

Designed by the creator of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, All Points Bulletin (APB) (PC) is a massively multiplayer online game combining combat and driving elements. Choosing to play as a law abiding peacekeeper or rule breaking gang member, youl enter a living, breathing city in which youl battle over cash and territory, ensuing in dramatic chases, shoot-outs, busts, escapes and arrests. APB also offers massive customisation options, allowing you to choose your weapons, vehicles and clothes, as well as to dictate character attitudes and in-game music.


In Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360, PC) youl take part in a secret government mission to secure a Uranium mine on the fictitious South American island of Isla Trueno, which is controlled by guerrilla forces under the charge of a despotic military regime. Your job as an elite commando sniper entails guarding international security and the lives of your squad mates. Youl need to remain undercover as you infiltrate enemy compounds and take out foes, and be faced not only by opposition gunfire but environmental elements like the wind and natural ones like your own nerves. Can you handle the pressure and keep your aim steady?

dragon ball zEpic journey

Continuing the story of protagonist Goku early years as he and his friends roam the world forests and underwater areas for seven enchanted Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball Z Origins 2 (DSi, DS Lite) blends exploration, puzzle solving and combat with a reactive camera that adapts to the different types of gameplay. A follow-up to the original Dragon Ball: Origins for DS, this chapter of the popular series offers new features, several playable characters - each with their own abilities and power-ups - and co-op gameplay.

LegendsSurvival of the fittest

A unique concept for Wii, Tournament of Legends (Wii) offers a rich 3D fighting experience for one or two players, featuring combatants based on legends from world mythology including the Minotaur, a Gladiator and a Valkyrie. Brought to life in stunning detail by developer high Voltage Quantum 3 engine, youl guide these fearsome fighters in epic battles in grand fighting arenas, dishing out blows with destructive weapons and magic attacks using a Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo or the Classic Controller.

Tee off

The latest entry in EA 25 million plus selling golf series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) sees you competing in one of the most prestigious tournaments in sport, The Ryder Cup. Choosing from the U.S. or European squad, you can opt to take on the challenge solo or with friends across a variety of competition formats. A first for the series is the ability for up to 24 players to compete head-to-head online. With support for Sony upcoming PlayStation Move controller and two new enhanced swing mechanics for Wii MotionPlus, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 allows you to become the golfer.

SKU: Features-119771
Release Date: 02/07/2010