New Release Round Up: 18th June 2010

This week's new GAME releases see you on embarking on a Cold War sneaking mission, staying in for a karaoke night or body and mind workout, or becoming a fashion or cricket star.

PeacewalkerCold war crisis
Snake is back in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP), the latest entry in the long-running tactical-espionage series. Set in Costa Rica in 1974, at the tail end of the Cold War and shortly after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Peace Walker has many of the hallmarks of previous franchise entries - such as stealthy sneaking and cool gadgets - but also features a new RPG dimension. That means there plenty of collecting and levelling up to be done as you catch, recruit and manage as many soldiers as you can for your army. Offering stunning visuals, the deep singe player campaign is complemented by two and four-player cooperative and three-versus-three competitive multiplayer modes.

U-SingLadies night
Karaoke follow-up U-Sing: Girls Night (Wii) offers 30 great tracks from today leading female musicians. It also boasts a revamped interface designed to make the game more accessible and a feature that lets you record and play back your performances. On top of that Girls Night debuts the U-Sing Wii Store, which enables you to download new tracks for the game after its release. It will be available on its own for those who already own U-Sing, or bundled with either one or two microphones for those new to the series and keen to sample its top mix of multiplayer modes.

U FitnessBody and mind workout
Fully compatible with the Wii Balance Board and Wii Motion Plus, New U Fitness Yoga and Pilates & Balance Board (Wii) is the follow-up to New U Fitness First Personal Trainer. Focused on the increasingly popular yoga and pilates workouts, the game allows you to bring both disciplines to life using a range of breathing and relaxation techniques from the comfort of your living room. For the uninitiated it also features customisable exercise programmes which are demoed by personal trainers via videos and voiceovers.

RunwayFashion star
Based on the hit US reality TV show, Project Runway (Wii) places you in the role of an aspiring fashion designer faced with the fiercest challenges of your young career. Taking on board tips along the way from Project Runway celebrities like Heidi Klum, who act as both your mentors and judges, youl be set a variety of themed objectives, from creating a look for a rock star to designing the next high school uniform. You can also design your own fashion line with numerous options for style, fabric, colours, models, make up, hair and accessories, and use the Wii Remote and Balance Board to walk down and pose on the runway.

Cricket 2010Step into the crease
Boasting officially licensed players, stadiums and kits from English, Welsh and Australian cricket, plus slick TV-style presentation and commentary from the BBC Jonathan Agnew and bowling legend Shane Warne, Cricket 2010 (X360, PS3) is perhaps the most authentic recreation of the sport yet. As well as enhanced fielding, bowling and batting gameplay across quick tournaments, Twenty20 matches and full test series, the title introduces a new owerstick that gives you 360 degree analogue control over power and direction, enabling the widest selection of shots in the franchise history. In addition, a new action camera gives you on-field perspectives not possible with traditional broadcast views.

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