New FIFA 14 features highlighted: this year's game is 'deeper, more tactical'

Yesterday it was PES's time to shine; today, Electronic Arts has unveiled the first official trailer for FIFA 14, alongside a raft of previews from the world's videogame critics.

The footage, taken from the current-gen versions, is typically slick, and demonstrates examples of this year's signature features. 'Precision movement' is the biggie, with even more fluid animation that means changing direction is more authentically time-consuming. This in turn forces a more considered approach, particularly in midfield, inviting players to more carefully retain possession rather than simply holding the run button and hitting hopeful through-balls or crosses.

It doesn't sound particularly fun, but the emphasis is firmly on realism. The same goes for 'variable dribble touches', which asks you to consider who you're controlling before you try to weave between defenders: Messi shouldn't have too many problems, but you'll have to think twice if you're hoping for a spectacular solo effort from Titus Bramble. It means that you'll need to adjust your approach depending on which side you're controlling, potentially making for a deeper, richer experience.

Elsewhere, improved teammate intelligence makes defending as a unit a little easier than last year, while the 'pure shot' system allows for sweeter, more accurate strikes. In other words, you might have to work harder to create chances, but smashing one into the onion bag should be more satisfying than ever.

FIFA 14 will launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this year. PS4 and Xbox One versions have been promised, but may arrive a little later depending on when the next-gen consoles arrive.

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Release Date: 06/06/2013