NeverDead hits UK stores this week

Konami has reminded gamers that its unique immortal-themed action game NeverDead will be available in stores across the country this week.

Developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the title is the creation of Metal Gear Acid director Shinta Nojiri and was co-developed by the UK's own Rebellion Software, the team behind the recent Aliens vs Predator game.

In NeverDead, gamers take control of Bryce Boltzmann, a jaded and gruff government agent tasked with hunting down demons, who also happens to be affected by the curse of immortality.

Thanks to Bryce's unkillable nature, players will be able to rip their own body apart and reassemble it for various purposes, allowing them to tear off their own gun-wielding arms to throw at enemies, or explore inaccessible areas as a severed head.

NeverDead also includes a wide array of cooperative and competitive online challenges and a theme tune by thrash metal band Megadeth.

Tomoyuki Tsuboi of Konami said: "In a destructible environment where even the amputated and severed pieces of the hero can be a weapon, anything is possible."

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Release Date: 02/02/2012