Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Starter Kit - 15PK (Lighting)

The Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagons elevate the concept of smart lighting into a creative journey of design. A combination of smart technology and sleek ultra-thin design, the modular LED light panels open limitless possibilities for you to explore, create, and play. Transform your space with multi-sensory experiences like touch interactions, real-time music sync, screen mirroring, and more. Customize and create your own Scenes and Playlists in the Nanoleaf App.

To install, simply mount to the wall with the included “no-drill” Mounting Tape. Hexagons are designed to work with future shapes, offering limitless lighting, design and IoT possibilities for your smart home decor.

Perfect for:
  • Building your immersive battlestation or home-theatre
  • Transforming music into stunning visuals, at home or in the studio
  • Boosting your energy for workouts
  • Creating the right ambience for yoga & mediation
  • Setting up your personal productivity zone for working from home
  • Designing a statement wall or ceiling decor masterpiece
  • Waking up naturally with gentle light alarms
  • Features:
  • Modular touch-reactive light panels elevate the concept of smart lighting into a creative journey of design.
  • Designed with Connect+ technology to work together with other shapes to create mosaics of light.
  • Enjoy touch-enabled experiences. Watch light panels respond dynamically to your touch or play interactive games.
  • The Rhythm feature transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of colour and light.
  • With the Screen Mirror feature, your on-screen activity is reflected onto your lights for an immersive entertainment experience.
  • 16M+ colors with 1200K-6500K white light temperature range and brightness control.
  • Nanoleaf’s exclusive LayoutDetect technology enables color animations to flow intelligently between panels based on your exact layout.
  • Flexible control through touch, voice assistants, Nanoleaf App, manual controller, and more.
  • With Touch Actions, a single press on a Hexagon will activate Scenes to control any or all of your HomeKit products at once.
  • Hundreds of pre-saved Scenes available right out of the box. Connect to Wi-Fi for customised control.
  • Simple drill-free installation with the included Mounting Tape.

  • Dimensions:
  • Height per Panel - 20cm
  • Width per Panel - 23cm
  • Weight per Panel - 208g
  • Panel Edge Thickness - 0.6cm
  • Panel Mounted Thickness - 1cm
  • PSU Cable Length - 2.5mm

  • Key Specifications:
  • Dimmability - Yes (via App, Voice Control, Touch)
  • Luminous Flux per Panel - 100 lumens
  • Lifetime - 25,000 hours
  • Communication Protocol - Wi-Fi (2.4GHz b/g/n) NOTE: 5GHz networks are not compatible with Nanoleaf products
  • Max Colours - More than 16 million
  • Colour Temperature - 1200K- 6500K
  • Colour Channel Configuration - RGBW
  • Voltage - 100 VAC - 240 VAC
  • Energy Consumption per Panel - 2W
  • Max Panels per PSU - 21 panels
  • Max panels per Controller - 500 panels
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Usage - Indoor only
  • Mounting Type - Via included double-sided tape or screw mounts (screws and anchors not included)
  • Key Features - Conenct+, Touch-enabled, Music Sync, Screen Mirror
  • SKU: 834555-product
    Release Date: 27/07/2023