Nanoleaf Shapes Black Hexagons Starter Kit 9PK (Lighting)

LIMITED EDITION Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Hexagons come with everything you need–including black accessories–to design and create your own accent or statement piece. 

Enjoy the 360º sleek black finish while off, or switch them on for vibrant high-contrast RGB lighting animations. Packed with smart features like Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, Touch, Schedules, and more! Instal on any flat surface with included adhesive Mounting Tape; no additional tools required.
Key Features:
  • Ultra Black Hexagons Shapes Panels: 9x
  • Ultra Black Controller: 1x
  • 42W Ultra Black Power Supply
  • Ultra Black Mounting Plates
  • Mounting Tape
  • Ultra Black Rigid Linkers
  • SKU: 835822-product
    Release Date: 01/01/2023