Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit - 15 Light Lines (Multi Format and Universal)

Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit LED light bars that deliver stunning RGB illumination in a never-before-seen modular form factor. Ultra-lightweight light lines connect together at 60-degree angle increments to create intricate geometric designs on your wall or ceiling.

Two colour zones per bar allow for complete customization of over 16 million colours and dynamic lighting animations that flow across your entire layout.

Features like Rhythm music visualization and Screen Mirror sync with your media to transform your space with immersive shows of colour and light. Installation is simple with the included double-sided mounting adhesive tape, and requires no additional tools or drilling.

Control easily with physical buttons, voice commands, or the intuitive Nanoleaf App for an elevated smart home experience. Perfect for creating an ultramodern look in the living room, desk area, battlestation, or bedroom as both ambience and art.
  • Connect modular backlit smart light lines together to create infinite designs with incredible glowing colour changing animations.
  • Turn your favorite songs into a show of colour and light with the Rhythm Music Visualizer, and feel every beat like never before.
  • Immerse yourself in an all new gaming and movie night experience with Screen Mirror feature that syncs the colours from the PC screen to Lines.
  • Set the perfect ambience for any mood with 16M+ colour wheel.
  • Choose from 19 built-in Scenes like "Neon Dreams", or create your own unlimited RGB animations with 2 vibrant colour zones per line.
  • Works as Thread Border Router for instant reliable control of your other Thread-enabled products.
  • Patented LayoutDetect technology automatically registers your layout for a smooth multi-directional flow of colour.
  • Flexible control through voice assistants, Nanoleaf App (mobile, tablet or desktop), or manual buttons of the controller.
  • Sync brilliant colour effects across all of your compatible Nanoleaf and Razer Chroma or Corsair iCue devices while you game!
  • Share custom Scenes you create and download more from the community in the Nanoleaf App.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length: Bar - 28 cm
  • Connector - 4 cm
  • Height: Bar - 0,80 cm
  • Connector - 2 cm
  • Depth: Bar - 2 cm
  • Connector - 3,50 cm
  • Weight per Line: 39 g (0,08 lb)
  • Cable Length: 4,5 m (14,7 ft)

  • Colour:
  • Colour Temperature 1200K - 6500K
  • Colour Channel Configuration : RGBW
  • Max Colours: More than 16 million
  • Colour Zones: 2 colour zones per Line
  • Colour Rendering Index: >80

  • Power:
  • Voltage: 100VAC - 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Max Power Supply Power: 42W
  • Max Energy Consumption per Line: 2W
  • Max Lines per PSU (42W): 18 Lines
  • Luminous Flux per Line: 20 lumens
  • Lifetime: 25000 hours

  • Control:
  • Communication Protocol : WiFi (2.4 GHz b/g/n)
  • Note: 5 GHz networks are not compatible with Nanoleaf products.
  • Dimmability : Yes (via the Nanoleaf App, Voice Control, Touch)
  • Compatibility : Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Razer Chroma, Corsair iCue
  • The Nanoleaf App : Control via Nanoleaf App (Android & iOS) for mobile/tablet or Nanoleaf Desktop App (Windows & Mac)

  • What's Included:
  • 15x Light bars
  • 15x 60 Degrees Mounting Connectors & Caps
  • 1x Controller Cap
  • 16x Mounting Plates & Tape
  • 1x Processor & Power Connector
  • 1x Power Supply (100 VAC - 120 VAC)
  • SKU: 828591-product
    Release Date: 28/02/2023