Nanoleaf Lines 90 Degrees Starter Kit 4 (Lighting)

Backlit Modular Lighting
Create unique 90° layouts or combine with 60°connectors for even more design possibilities.

Music Visualizer
Watch the lights react and dance to the beat of your music in real time.

Dynamic Lighting Effects & 16M+Vibrant Colours
Choose from or create unlimited colour animations with 2 vibrant colour zones per light bar. Set the perfect ambience with an intuitive colour wheel for complete customization

Flexible Control
Flexible control through voice assistants (Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa), Nanoleaf App (mobile, tablet or desktop), or manual buttons on the controller.

Screen Mirror Feature
Sync with the colours from your PC screen in real time for an ultra-immersive gaming or movie watching experience.

Simple Adhesive Setup Mount to any smooth surface with the included double-sided Mounting Tape.
Key Features:
  • 4x Light Lines
  • 4x 90 Degree Mounting Connectors for connecting Lines
  • 4x 90 Degree Connector Caps for Mounting Connectors
  • 5x Mounting Plates with Tape
  • 1x Controller Cap
  • 1x Processor & Power C onnector
  • 1x Power Supply (100VAC – 120VAC)
  • 1x Quick Start Guid
  • SKU: 834556-product