Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit - 4 Pack (Multi Format and Universal)

Create your own masterpiece with this Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. Touch-sensitive, modular light squares with edgeless lumination come with everything you need to start your RGBW installation. Delight the senses and play on sight, sound and touch for a lighting experience that goes beyond mere function.

Install in your bedroom, living room, or any space where you want a fresh and futuristic aesthetic. Packed with smart features like Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, Touch and more! Install on any flat surface with included adhesive Mounting Tape; no additional tools required.

  • Connect+: No
  • Touch Control: Yes
  • Music Sync: Yes
  • Screen Mirror: Yes
  • More than 16 million colours
  • Perfect For...
  • Building your immersive battlestation or home-theatre
  • Transforming music into stunning visuals, at home or in the studio
  • Boosting your energy for workouts
  • Creating the right ambience for yoga & mediation
  • Setting up your personal productivity zone for working from home
  • Designing a statement wall or ceiling décor masterpiece
  • Waking up naturally with gentle light alarms

  • Product Specifications:
  • Height Per Panel: 5.9 inches / 15 cm
  • Width Per Panel: 5.9 inches / 15 cm
  • Panel Thickness: 0.4 inches / 1 cm
  • Panel Mounted Thickenss: 0.37 inches / 10 mm
  • Weight Per Panel: 0.37 pounds / 170 g
  • Cable Length: 8.2 feet / 2.5 m
  • 1 Watt per panel
  • SKU: 828582-product
    Release Date: 28/02/2023