Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller for PS5 - White (PlayStation 5)

With the REVOLUTION 5 PRO, you can play longer, better, and faster. Discover the 6th Official Pro controller, expertly designed by NACON. This premium asymmetrical controller, compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, will boost your true gaming skills

Revolution 5 Pro harnesses the power of Hall Effect Technology which is proven to be more reliable than conventional joystick and trigger mechanisms. Coupled with the trigger stop system a fully customizable trigger amplitude lets you adapt on-the-fly to any gaming scenario, it sets a new benchmark for guaranteed unparalleled performance. Stay connected and enjoy crystal clear communication thanks to the new Bluetooth audio feature. It provides a seamless connection not only to your console, but also to your Bluetooth audio device.

And this is just a glimpse of all the high-end technologies that make the Revolution 5 Pro a must-have for competitive players.

NACON has made a name for itself crafting one of the finest controllers for the previous generation of consoles. Now, we've raised the bar. All core technologies have been elevated to meet gamers' evolving expectations and the industry's emerging standards: our customization app is now more comprehensive, the controller's modularity and ergonomics have been optimized, and the materials have been enhanced to make this controller very durable and during extended gaming sessions with a new battery that can last 10h or 12h with the battery saving feature activated. The Revolution 5 Pro also stands out as a benchmark for eco-design.

With its 6th Pro controller offered to players, NACON provides its ultimate gaming accessory to PlayStation enthusiasts. The Revolution 5 Pro is the culmination of countless hours of dialogue with the community, collaborative work sessions with e-Sport players / professionals, and rigorous / intensive in-house testing. What you'll have in your hands is intended to be the true reflection of what gamers need today.

Game-changing features: this controller was engineered to deliver features that players never dreamed could be a reality.

Surpass the Expected

The result of 8 years of collaborative research and development
SKU: 836288-product
Release Date: 06/11/2023