Mystery Tales 2: The Spirit Mask (PC)

You are the witch Melanie Cygnes from the first game. This time she finds a strange Japanese mask and finds out all kind of contradicting information about it. What's in the mask? A demon?  An angel?  Something else? Later the mask breaks and the spirit takes residence within Melanie's mind. She finally realizes that the spirit was actually a human being in the past and he got the gift of immortality by living in the mask, which is now broken and two souls in one body is really not a good thing!

Now they have to work together to solve this situation quickly before the very strong spirit takes over Melanie's mind  (which the spirit wants to avoid as well since he was a man when he lived and he does not want to hurt Melanie. The problem is that the spirit’s memory got damaged when the mask broke and he does not know what to do. They start following the history of the mask through time. Melanie gets to know her awkward companion a lot better and start to have feelings for him.

The spirit is also drawn to Melanie as if he knew her but can't remember how and when. They visit Tibet, China, Malaysia and Japan together, have plenty of adventures and meet a human. At some point Senshi (the spirit) with the help of Melanie manages to defend the shogun from a deadly plot for which Senshi (the living one) is offered the honour to become immortal by moving his soul into the mask. As a final plot twist, the living Senshi will not go into the mask. Instead the spirit from Melanie's head goes into the mask, thus solving their problem
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Release Date: 20-Jan-2012